作为一个变革型雇主, 房屋发展联盟提供有偿服务, on-the-job training in home construction to men 和 women in recovery. This grant-funded program was created to address two key issues observed in our service area:

  1. The rise in substance use disorders 和 the inability of those in recovery to find gainful employment, 和
  2. The lack of affordable housing for middle-income individuals 和 families.

我们与住宅合作 山胡桃山康复中心, 佩里县毒品法庭, 诺特县毒品法庭 to identify men 和 women who are in an advanced stage of their recovery program 和 would be excellent c和idates for our year-long training. 我们从候选人中挑选出 六个 每个培训年度. Our partners are kept informed about the trainees’ progress 和 are always welcome to contact us about the program or to schedule a visit.

现在已经是第二年了, our program would love to partner with more local agencies so that we can give more men 和 women in recovery this amazing opportunity! If your organization is interested in referring clients to 十大老品牌网赌大全, 请不要犹豫,今天与我们联系.


Mental health professionals 和 those specializing in substance use recovery all over the country have time 和 again stated their belief that securing 和 maintaining a job is crucial to staying in recovery. Perhaps no other region in America has been as hard hit by opioid abuse as Central Appalachia. This is an issue that touches, in some way, nearly every family in East 肯塔基州.

If you are a local employer interested in working with HDA to hire 十大老品牌网赌大全 trainees for positions doing meaningful work at a living wage, 请全球网赌十大网站. We’d love to work with you to frame the future of Appalachia!

有兴趣与希望大厦合作? 联系人:

香农盖博, 项目负责人
办公室: 606-436-0497